Add To Your WishlistBirthday Age Bunting - Toys

Add To Your WishlistBirthday Age Bunting - Toys

Personalised Birthday Bunting for any age!

Colourful bunting featuring large, cut-out letters with our cute toy design in blue, yellow and grey.

Pack Contents:
- Includes bunting for the child's name, the word 'IS', the age, an exclamation mark and some cut-out stars

- Supplied with ribbon

e.g. "JACOB IS 2!" 
(the name and age will change depending on your personalisation)

Ideal for your baby or toddler's birthday party!

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  • About This Product

    • Printed onto a 270g cardstock
    • For indoor use (can be used outside if the weather is dry)
    • Supplied with ribbon. You can string the letters yourself and space them out as you would like!

    Letter height (based on a 6 letter name): approx 11cm per letter
    Bunting length (6 letter name): approx 1.5m including the ribbon.

    The overall length of your bunting will vary depending on the name and age.
    This product is for bunting with one name only - for options with more than one name please contact us for a price